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March 7, 2018

 Art by Bonnie Monteleone via BlueOcean.net

     The ocean is my "happy place"! Growing up just 10 minutes from the beach on the Jersey shore, I spent many childhood days at the beach from morning till sundown. I also had a unique experience as an undergraduate at Temple University during an elective Tropical Marine Biology course that required a field work component on the coral reefs of Belize. That journey- 9 days of non stop snorkeling, swimming with the wild life, learning first hand how the reefs are being effected by human irresponsibility- was truly a life changer. I began to grasp not only how truly small I am, but also how large of an impact my choices can have. As we know, human choice can play a HUGE role in conserving our oceans and the majestic creatures within.

     Among other things, PLASTIC is a huge direct threat to marine life and the overall health of the reef. However if you're not an animal/ocean lover like me, you may still fin...

March 2, 2018

Photo Credit: Julia Yellow      

         I can't tell you how many people I have had in office that are struggling with sleep! There are so many different treatment avenues for helping someone get to and stay asleep that should be personalized to address the individual's underlying causes of insomnia. However, I always try the least invasive approach first. That being said I'm providing this guide with the hopes that you will TRY THIS FIRST for sleep! I've had so much success with this method I may be shooting myself in the foot here...but I'd rather you try my first line suggestions BEFORE you get in office so we can troubleshoot from here!

        Anyone who has raised children knows that we actually TRAIN babies to go to sleep. Of course some are easier than others, but there's something to this! My approach to insomnia is to first try "training" yourself back to sleep. This begins by creating a routine, just as we do for babes. This rout...

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