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NO PLASTIC IS SAFE PLASTIC: Save the Ocean and Your Endocrine System!

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The ocean is my "happy place"! Growing up just 10 minutes from the beach on the Jersey shore, I spent many childhood days at the beach from morning till sundown. I also had a unique experience as an undergraduate at Temple University during an elective Tropical Marine Biology course that required a field work component on the coral reefs of Belize. That journey- 9 days of non stop snorkeling, swimming with the wild life, learning first hand how the reefs are being effected by human irresponsibility- was truly a life changer. I began to grasp not only how truly small I am, but also how large of an impact my choices can have. As we know, human choice can play a HUGE role in conserving our oceans and the majestic creatures within.

Among other things, PLASTIC is a huge direct threat to marine life and the overall health of the reef. However if you're not an animal/ocean lover like me, you may still find some personal reasons to consider plastic your enemy too! Plastics contain chemicals known as ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS. These actually trick the body into thinking there is an excess of estrogens in the system. The estrogen like molecules known as "dioxin" are stored in our fat cells and can impact our health negatively for years to come. This is why many people get ill when they lose weight, these toxins are released! Dioxins have been linked to various health issues including mood and libido changes, weight gain, infertility, and even birth defects.

You may be shocked to learn that there are NO SAFE PLASTICS! Not even the BPA free versions of plastic are free of pthalates, the substances that disrupt your body's natural chemical messenger system. Do you love the earth and re-use plastic plates, bottles, forks, etc in order to reduce waste? Sadly, this is even WORSE for your body! The more you re-use plastic items, the more porous they become, and the more toxic chemicals they release. This is especially true when plastic is heated.

Challenge: STOP drinking hot drinks out of plastic cups! STOP putting plastic in the microwave! STOP using plastic bags! Think about ways to repurpose plastics that do not involve your food/beverages to reduce their chemical harm to your body, but also to keep in mind the damaging effects plastic waste has on the earth.


Reduce your plastic waste by replacing the following products:

- Plastic Straws: Replace with metal reusable straws ($6.99 for a pack of 6 on or paper disposable versions

- Plastic Snack/Sandwich Bags: Purchase reusable silicon sandwich baggies or wax paper disposable versions

- Plastic Grocery Bags: Remember to bring re-usable bags when you shop! Keep them in your trunk or dashboard so they're always readily available. If you forget- ASK FOR PAPER not plastic. - Plastic Cups: Purchase reusable versions for the drive thru's (dunking donuts/starbucks/etc accept YOUR metal cup to fill if you ask!) or ask for their paper version

- Plastic Water Bottles: Purchase a reusable stainless steel or glass water bottle (They are EVERYWHERE! My favorite brands are Boroux Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles and Swell Stainless Steel Water Bottles. I've seen them in Marshall's, Target, even the regular grocery stores!)

I've seen the effects of toxic overload in patients that come in with endocrine issues, multiple chemical sensitivities, and other chronic ailments.While eliminating plastics may not solve the problems completely, it definitely has proven to be one of the puzzles pieces that help on the road to healing and recovery. If you'd like to learn more about how to rid your body of toxins already built up in your system make an appointment with me here:

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