Personal Nutrition

    The goal of getting a personalized nutrition plan is to use food as medicine to address your health needs and bring your body into balance. You may need to revamp your entire diet or you may just need to learn which foods to incorporate to really boost your system. Either way, the diet will be tailored specifically to you. You will be provided with a detailed guide of the best foods for your body as well as which foods may be contributing to a decline in health.

    After training closely both as a student and resident under Dr. Peter D’Adamo, creator of the Genotype Diet, I have realized that for chronic disease, his approach is absolutely the most effective and easily individualized to target your concerns. I utilize his nutrition analysis software tool, “SWAMI” to generate a report complete with appropriate food choices, frequency, and serving sizes and tasty recipes. This diet will be unique to you and generated based on your blood type, physical measurements, medical history, and current concerns.


Genomic Analysis

     Opus 23 is a genomic analysis program that helps me parse the data from over 700,000 variations in the human genome that science has identified to date. Having such a HUGE amount of data on a patient down to the gene level helps me to further personalize my approach by identifying trends in how your body’s systems are functioning, what diseases you may be predisposed to, and how your current health concerns may be addressed through gene targeting. This can be addressed through diet, lifestyle, and botanicals.


  • To learn more about Opus 23 and how it may guide your treatment plan: 

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  • The Opus 23 report you will be provided with in office will contain:

    • Disease and symptom susceptibility patterns

    • Identification of any rare SNP’s (learn what these are in the video above!)

    • Nutrigenomic Food List: A list of beneficial/avoid foods based on your genetic makeup

    • Drug reaction data: potential adverse and beneficial effects of pharmaceuticals shown

                 to be unique to your genes

  • If you’re hesitant about learning so much about your genetics find out why I think your genes shouldn’t scare you, watch the following video:

Microbiome Analysis

     The human microbiome is made up of a large number of bacteria that we need to survive. However, science is making leaps and bounds in associating specific species of gut bacteria with negative impacts on human health. I use a microbiome analysis program, “Utopia”, that allows me to correct the bacterial imbalances (aka dysbiosis) and improve any gut related symptoms using a sustainable healing method I call “intestinal gardening.” To learn more about my approach, and why it’s BETTER than antibiotics AND probiotics, click:


Botanical Medicine

    Plant medicine is THE original form of healing and the oldest medicine we humans have identified! I have studied herbs extensively from both a biochemical and spiritual standpoint. Formulating the right herbal compound using appropriate form, dosage, and energy is an art that has shown time and again to aid the body in healing and bring the psyche into balance. I often prescribe personalized herbal formulas to patients that address their physical AND emotional symptoms and match their individual constitution.


Nutritional Supplementation

I WISH we could all get enough nutrients from our food! Sadly, the truth is that modern day farming practices have left our food less nutritious then it was a few generations ago. What’s worse is that sometimes our bodies are not functioning optimally to extract and utilize the nutrients from our food. This is where temporary supplementation may be required until the system is brought back into balance and optimal function.



     Homeopathy is a very gentle yet effective form of natural medicine that employs super dilutions of mostly plant and mineral substances. Remedies are carefully selected based upon a detailed interview. These can be used for acute situations like a cold or flu, or to address deeper needs for toxin drainage and elimination.

Craniosacral Therapy

   I have trained with the Upledger Institute to provide this gentle, hands on technique that promotes deep relaxation, body awareness, and improved function of the central nervous system. The Upledger Institute describes Craniosacral Therapy as, “a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system - comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.” To learn more about this non invasive method and what conditions it may be beneficial for: 



naturopathic medicine


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